Kpop opens whole new musical dimensions for SOKO newcomers. Syncing your brain in tune to all the different boy bands, girl groups, solo stars and starlets in the KPop universe makes for a mind blowing task that keeps most peeps never listening to much less loving KPOP.

That ends now! As a KPOP junkie it’s my duty to ensure you enjoy this musical junk food I love so much. I’m gonna blast you the 411 on the latest and greatest KPOP acts so you too can feast on this sonic cotton candy.


Gina Choi AKA G.NA originally hails from Canada, but that hasn’t stopped this Canuk from storming the Korean k-pop charts! Initially her K-pop career would have been launched as the front for girl group Five Girls, but the company backing them (G00d Entertainment) tanked. G.NA picked up the pieces and moved on to Cube Entertainment. Under their tutelage she had a couple of colloborations with high profile acts like Rain and 2PM despite not having a full fledged album of her own. Her mini album Draw G’s First Breath spawned a number two single! Just this past month she realeased her first full album Black & White. Her powerhouse vocals should keep her at the top for some time.

At one point G.NA’s Girls were the target for accusations of plastic surgery, but she’s said constantly that she’s an all natural girl and just naturally busty. Besides who would actually go out and get some double D’s unless you were a porn star or trying to be the Korean Dolly Parton?

Notoriety: South Korea 1 point

Skilzz: Single wattage 1 point

Golden Touch: 0 Does she have any big endorsements?

Prince KPOP’s Plus One: my very own point to those I love. She’s adorable so 1 point!

6 DEGRESS OF KPOP: G.NA’s disbanded never to have been girl group Five Girls.

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