KMK: Beyoncé I am….Tour in Seoul

Next week the queen bee of pop flies back into the land of the morning calm with a deafening buzz that dwarfs her previous appearance. You see the newly Destiny Childless singer of two years ago, a dewy eyed songstress, has risen phoenix-like from the crucible of pop star fame shedding her pop princess persona and transforming into a fearsome new creature she calls Sasha Fierce.

I’m not exactly sure what trials and tribulations led to this transformation. The way I see it Beyoncé has lived a pretty charmed life in comparison to some of her pop princess peers. Look at the meltdown Mariah Carey suffered. She lost it so bad she wound up on MTV in hoochie mama shorts and stilettos giving out ice cream to the kiddies to boost album sales. Not pretty. Britney Spears endured even worse. She went from the Lolita of pop to a shaven headed, crotch baring baby mama full of drama. When your kids are taken away and given to Kevin Federline because he’s the stable one, then you know you have problems. Jessica Simpson succumbed to the heat of the spotlight, ballooning in weight and exiled to the fringes of country music. And don’t get me started on Whitney! The fame drove her off a mountain of platinum albums into the arms of pop lothario Bobby Brown, resulting in one cracked out exploit after another on her downward spiral.

Beyoncé, bless her heart, never dragged her fans through any tawdry dirty laundry. In fact, her pristine public persona and carefree image make the appearance of Sasha Fierce perplexing. In comparison Mariah’s transformation makes much more sense in hindsight. At the time it was indeed a jarring event that startled her fans and the music world. No one knew about the gyrating hip hop temptress lurking within Mariah. How could we? The powers that be presented her to us as a curly haired moppet with wide eyes and a fresh innocent face. It took the Butterfly album to shatter that image and break Mariah out of her girl next door prison into hip hop booty shaking freedom. Just compare Mariah’s debut music video Vision of Love with her later video Honey. We might never know whether it was Bianca or Mimi that helped burst Mariah out of her shell, but at least we understand why.

So when it comes to Beyoncé the questions on the tip of my tongue are: Just where is all this fierceness coming from and why now? I can’t recall any trails and tribulations the songbird endured these past few years. Perhaps it was that L’Oreal debacle that brought the fierceness out? But perhaps not since that controversy seemed aimed more at L’Oreal than Beyoncé. Maybe it was the resurgence of everyone’s favorite Destiny’s Stepchild Letoya Luckett? She did attempt to steal the limelight from Bey at the BET music awards until the producers cut Luckett out of the television aired performances. So Sasha didn’t need to sashay on stage to handle that minor irritant. Well, there was the sting of J-Hud’s win at the Oscars. To be upstaged by an American Idol reject must have provoked Sasha Fierce to ooze out of Beyoncé‘s pores.

Then again, maybe I’m on the wrong track because I don’t truly believe those events brought Sasha Fierce to the foreground. They were trying in a mild skin rash sort or way not like the drag out rough and tumble life blows that gave birth to such marvels such as Tina Turner. Let’s face it. Despite a few minor incidents Beyoncé is like the Forest Gump of entertainment. Don’t believe me? Think I’ve gone over the edge of reason? Well, let me lay out the evidence. She stumbles from one hit movie to the next while channeling the acting ability of Betty Rubble from the Flintstones. She survives her mother’s costume creations and horrid clothing line House of Derriere, I mean Deron, without a knock against her personal style. She married hip hop megastar Jay-Z to become Jayeoncé. She even managed to bring her little sister into the spotlight after that mess Solo Star. If that’s not living a charmed life I don’t know what is.

So what event could summon the fierceness of Sasha from Beyoncé? Maybe she needed the extra girl power oomph an alter ego provides to cut the strings of puppet master svengali father, Matthew Knowles. It makes sense to me. Janet Jackson took Control of her career and life from her father and now it seems Beyoncé is walking in those same footsteps. If that’s the case it’s good to have Jay-Z in your coner. In the coming months I’m anticipating big changes in her management team.

Whatever does come when itt comes down to it no matter why Beyoncé is channeling Sasha Fierce she still puts on a performance like no other. She’s the new voice of the generation and the nation, dethroning Whiney and slyly taking her place. I’m ready for the sonic cacophony with barely concealed anticipation. Aren’t you?

Place: Olympic Park
Directions: Olympic Park Station (line 5, exit 3), or Mongchontoseong station (line 8, exit 1)
Date: 2009. 10. 20 (Tue) ~ 2009. 10. 21 (Wed)
Price: R (Standing) 176,000 won / R 176,000 won / S 132,000 won / A 88,000 won
Inquiries: / 02-1544-6399
Tickets: and
For Tickets and Seating Chart:


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