KMK: English Teachers Unite

Hello Dear Readers,

I just received an urgent message about a fellow expat English Teacher in South Korea. Matt Robinson is in danger of being kicked out of his hospital when he needs a potentially life saving operation. You can read all of the details at the facebook page here: FACEBOOK

There is also an upcoming charity event on saturday at Old Stompers in Itaewon. Check it out here: Charity Event

“Matt Robinson is an American ex-pat who has been teaching in Korea for about 3
years. Recently, due to conflicting medications and gangrene from a previous
surgery, he almost died. He was taken to a hospital in Haebonchan where he is in
pain, awaiting the surgery he needs”

Stompers wants to invite everyone
out this Saturday to donate whatever you can to help raise money for his
skyrocketing medical bills. He needs money fast, and here is one way to get it
to him. If you are in Itaewon Saturday night, stop by and help out.

EV Boyz and Pet Rock will be playing.

Please check it out! One of our own is down, but not out we can help!

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