KMK: Porchetta

A crop of new spots have opened lately on Gyeongridan. I’ve already written about the awesomeness of Toucan, and I can now say that I enjoyed Porchetta almost as much.

With a name like Porchetta they had huge expectations to fill. A great porchetta sandwich can border on divine and the folks at Porchetta got most of it right. The meat in question was tender, succulent, and moist with hints of a salty herb flavor on the crackling flavorful skin. Some of my friends report that their sandwiches had too much fat to really enjoy though. Fat is part of the sandwich, but too much is overkill.

Served on a ciabatta roll, the only thing missing I think were a healthy amount of greens added to the sandwich for a much needed crunch to go along with the meat. You get to choose your sauce you want added but there’s little enough of it as pretty as it was daubed on the side of my plate. They definitely need to up the quotient of sauce.

I also ordered a cup of soup to go with my meal, mushroom, and it was adequate though nothing special. I really think the soup or small salad should come with the sandwich. Though they do take a 1,000 Won off the price if you order both together as a set.

If Porchetta isn’t your thing then the other sandwiches on hand include a red wine infused beef with Swiss Cheese and coleslaw, a jumbo grilled vegetable  sandwich with tomato, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, onion and cheddar; a basil pesto chicken sandwich; and a meat ball arugula sandwich.

I do plan on stopping in again to try the other options.


8,000 and up for sandwiches 4,000 for soup or salad


11:30 to 8:30 pm




658 Itaewon 2 dong, Yongsan -Gu, Seoul



From noksapyeoung exit 2 walk straight. When you reach the underground pass go down and come up on the left side. Go to the corner, cross, and go right and walk staright. Porchetta will be on your left after a minute or two.


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