KMK: Kayaking in Seoul

Kayaking in Seoul: It’s No Borneo, But It’ll Do

The Han River has always prevailed to be the least idealistic place to frolic and swim due to its city-polluted state; nor did the 2006 parody/thriller film, “The Host,” aid to transform its rep, after seeing the poorly CGI-ed monster having a ball in its alleged chemical infested water (haha—Monster’s Ball). Albeit to the Korean version of the Loch Ness monster, the Han was surprisingly beyond satisfactory to kayak.

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Seoul on the water

Starting from Ttukseom Resort, the Han can serve as a sanctuary away from the hectic environment of Seoul, as the placid current lullabies you towards Yeouido, possibly taking a leisurely 6.5 hours, depending on your pace. The scenery isn’t as thrilling as it would be in Sarawak River of Borneo, but the presence of tranquility and solitude substitute for the lack of proboscis monkeys and pigmy elephants. Moreover, nestled between the city and Ttukseom Hangang Park, the kayaker can marvel over the distant high-rise buildings, elevated hills of Namsan and water restaurants hugging the banks of the river. In a way, you get the concrete and natural jungles, two in one. Finally, the water wasn’t fetid or as contaminated as I thought especially after seeing other water sports occurring in the river. Kite and wind surfers, stand-up paddlers, swan boat paddlers and water skiers are within your circle as you kayak out to serenity.

Sooo, if you and your friends would like to take a day off from excessive alcohol consumption within the vicinity of Seoul, then I would urge you to check out the Gangnam Canoe Club located in Ttukseom Resort.


Ttukseom Resort Station (Subway Line 7), Exit 2à Pass the swimming pool and walk about 10 minutes along the bicycle road towards the upper reaches of the Hangang River or go to Ttukseom Hangang Park.

Leisure Dreams:

Wakeboarding, windsurfing, waterskiing
Inquiries & Reservations: +82-70-8873-2370 (Korean) 
Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (March to November)
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Gangnam Canoe Club:

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Inquiries & Reservations: 02-457-4757 (Korean, English)

Hours: 07:00 – 18:00 (March to November)



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