KMK: Suji’s

For my birthday I took the day off from work and treated myself to a good old fashioned American breakfast. For that I went to Suji’s in Itaewon. They’re located right on the corner down from the McDonald’s and next to Hahn’s Tailors.
Suji’s specializes in the brunch crowd and once you sit down and pick up a menu you’ll be blown away by the selection. I went with the blueberry pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon and potatoes. Sure its a little on the pricey side, but my meal was definitely worth it.
If breakfast isn’t your thing you’ll still have ample choices for lunch and dinner. Weekends tend to be packed with girlfriends gathering for brunch, friends toasting with mimosas, and families digging in for some serious comfort food. Don’t miss out.
34-16 Itaewon Dong 2nd and 3rd flr 02-797-3698


  1. Amanda February 9, 2009
  2. Amanda February 9, 2009
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