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KMK: Anderson .Paak

Drop everything and go see Anderson .Paak I caught a couple of Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals shows this summer in London. Their set opened up Sunday, the final day, of the Wireless Festival, which is essentially London’s only dedicated hip-hop festival—also on the bill that day were Action Bronson, Young Thug, and Vince…


KMK: SKRT Mad Bambi Ball with Kim Chi

SKRT, otherwise known as skirt, is an new (ish) hot spot in Itaewon backed by the underground hipsters known as Fake Virgin. They specialize in presenting cutting edge artists such as Darkside, Bondax, Com Truise, Moonboots, Chvches, Tycho, Bonobo, FKA Twigs, and Grimes to Seoul’s thirsty audience. SKRT serves as a performance art space for…

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KMK: Black Artists in K-pop

K-pop music can be found throughout the world, from far flung little Chinese villages to big booming American cities playing the likes of 2NE1, B1A4, SHINee, or Big Bang. One of the quirks of K-pop is the mishmash of influences drawn from other cultures that come together in unique and interesting ways. If you listen…

Common Ground Pop Up Mall in Seoul

KMK: Common Ground Pop Up Mall in Seoul

I’ve got to tell you about Common Ground Pop Up Mall in Seoul, but first I have to start at the beginning. A few year’s back a new and exciting spot sprung up on the streets of Gangnam. Platoon Kunsthalle brought together photographers, filmmakers, restaurateurs, writers, designers, and other folks with an artistic bent to…

Project Monsoon Seoul

KMK: Project Monsoon Seoul

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting happenings going on in or around Seoul. Either through word of mouth or glimpsing something online I usually stumble upon great things. That’s exactly what happened recently when I asked several friends about any quirky or interesting spots they’d recommend me checking out. One turned…

Longboarding in Seoul

KMK: Longboarding in Seoul

Over the past few years longboarding has taken root and grown within Korea’s cultural consciousness. If you don’t know then picture a skateboard except, you guessed it, longer. It’s faster because of wheel size and makes for a great way to cruise stylishly downhill, slalom race or just effortless travel along your merry way. Longboarding…

House of Wings

KMK: House of Wings

Wings: The universally loved but oh so difficult to pull off dish. Deceptively easy and the list of restaurants who have tried and failed remains a long one. Just about a month ago I tried a wing night over on Gyeongridan at the Metro and while those wings looked so tasty and delicious on the…

shuttle delivery

KMK: Shuttle Delivery

Umbrellas be damned, sweating isn’t sexy, and let’s face facts… it’s just too too hot to cook. The Shuttle Delivery Rockets have taken off and the crew is driving through alleys, up hills, and through the tunnels to get delicious food, drinks, and desserts to the hungry masses in the torrential downpours and energy-evaporating heat….

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