Tuna platter

KMK: Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

In Seoul seafood rules. You can find it on almost every street in every part of the city from the towering skyscrapers of Gangnam t to the trendy side streets of Hongdae. And the one fish that rules all others is none other than the almighty tuna or as its known in Korea  cham chi. If…


KMK: Halloween SFX

Once again Halloween has come upon me and once again I’m racing in the final minutes to put an outfit together. If you’re anything like me then you’re in the same boat. In previous years I’ve written about a few places you can check out like the Halloween Store near Sadang Station. There’s also a…

Kayaking Seoul

KMK: Kayaking in Seoul

Kayaking in Seoul: It’s No Borneo, But It’ll Do The Han River has always prevailed to be the least idealistic place to frolic and swim due to its city-polluted state; nor did the 2006 parody/thriller film, “The Host,” aid to transform its rep, after seeing the poorly CGI-ed monster having a ball in its alleged…


KMK: Santorini

Editor’s Note: There’s two spots called Santorini in Itaewon. I previously reviewed the one on the main Itaewon street: Santorini Taverna. Contributor and Author Veniese tackled the original Santorini located amidst the back streets behind the Hamilton Hotel. Among the maddening crowd of restaurants and bars behind the Hamilton Hotel is a monument to mediocrity,…


KMK: Boiling Crab

When I thought of Seoul Cajun Crab never crossed my mind. Seafood? Yes. Cajun? No way. Well, not anymore. Recently, some friends and I checked out one of the locations of Boiling Crab. This branch, plopped right on the edge of Itaewon, has a creaky old town feel. The place is small and bare bones, but that…

Sugar Daddy

KMK: Sugar Daddy

Sometimes, you know, a guy just wants to be pampered. Feet up, slouching in a comfy chair, face to face with a sweet pleasure so guilty that Fat Princess would take you down in a submission hold to devour it herself. Admittedly, that’s a dessert that’s near impossible to find in Seoul. I’m not talking about some bogus strumpet…


KMK: Food Delivery Apps

Seoul is a city of convenience. Many corner stores and coffee houses stay open twenty four hours a day. Movie theaters allow allow you choose your seats. You can even push the buttons in the elevator again to deselect a floor that was inadvertently pushed. So you can imagine that when it comes to eating…


KMK: Healing Hands

If you’re anything like me then sometimes all of the frustrations, weariness, and obstacles that come from living abroad eventually build up into numbness that has to be relieved. Or, maybe you’ve had a soreness or strain from the gym? Perhaps, it’s an ache from an old injury? Well, Thailand may be far away but…


KMK: Fukuoka E2 Visa Run

Hi, folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve been posting regularly. Suffice it to say, I’m back in the blogger saddle. The posts should start popping up with more regularity, so stay tuned! In the meantime time I wanted to update those not in the know about the dreaded visa run a some  of us have…

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