KMK: Hello Talk

KMK: Hello Talk

3 Ways To Practice Korean Online  If you are learning Korea, you might search on the Internet for all kind of resources. You might feel it’s hard to find a Korean native speaker to practice Korean with if you’re living at a place with few Korean people. Here, I’d like to introduce three on-line resources…


KMK: Fat Cat

If you’ve been living in the HBC area for a fair bit of time then you know about the revolving building of restaurants that now houses Fat Cat. That place has had more lives than cat on a freeway on it’s last life. Before its current incarnation it was Good to Go which was a…


KMK: Marathons In Korea

As a self-proclaimed pool dweller, I never in a million years thought I’d be able to call myself a “runner”. Well, hell hath frozen over and I am now one of those annoying people Facebook posting pictures of her running endeavors. ​In Seoul, there are quite a few options for swimmers, but like almost every…


KMK: Flying Pan Blue Coex

Not sooooo Blue after Flying Pan Blue-Coex. I mostly enjoy consuming vittles in my enclave of Yongsan, the Itaewon area to be exact. However, I have always had to venture across the bridge to Gangnam-gu to earn the scratch to pay for the aforementioned vittles. Yesterday, I enjoyed a enjoyed a decadent brunch for lunch…

It's the right sign, but there's a new location!

KMK: Gabby’s Barbershop

Calling all people of the African diaspora as well as my other curly, nappy, kinky haired people of the world! Worry no more! I’ve found the answer for you! Trust me. You will be able to survive and thrive in Seoul without your trusted bosom buddy from back home who lined you up. Yes, you…


KMK: Spain Club

If you have ever been fortunate enough to travel to the Andalusian region of Spain and visited the Alhambra, you would easily recall the intricate and sophisticated tiling covering the walls and ceilings.  If you are considering a trip soon and have the funds, make the trip to Granada (southern Spain). However, if you are…


KMK: John Cook Deli Meats He Said

As a Haebangchon resident, I find it challenging to leave the neighborhood as each year pass.   With Y-not Delivery at hand, and little shops and restaurants tucked by my door, I lack the purpose to travel anywhere for a bite to eat until I was introduced to John Cook Deli Meat in Apgujeong.  Their German-inspired…


KMK: Studio Ghibli Art Exhibition

STUDIO GHIBLI ART EXHIBITION  If you are a lover of animation then you must undoubtedly have heard or animator extraoridairre Hayao Miyazaki. His work has influenced generations of young and old folks alike, immersing them in worlds of wonder and sheer joy. Usually, the only way to experience his work and the other fantastic animated…


KMK: Gone Seoul Searching…

I’m on my second cup of coffee today. Standard in Seoul. Coffee is consumed like soju, here. Every day, and copious amounts of it. The people back at home questioned me as to why I was leaving a somewhat comfortable career of luxury fashion and very minimal responsibility; and flying around 8000 kilometres away to a country I had only ever experienced once.


KMK: Korea Talent Race

Be part of the Solution, Study in Sweden That’s the tagline from Sqore, a Swedish based group that has launched a new vision – Regardless of how you acquired your skills: through traditional university education, online courses, practical experience or self-learning, we help you to get your skills verified and certified, so that you can use…


KMK: Linus BBQ

BBQ in Korea is bountiful. You can’t usually walk a few blocks without coming across the sizzling smell of pork wafting down the street. Of course, it’s nothing like the BBQ back home in the states. Here in the land of the morning calm folks serve up BBQ primarily as samguypsal which is thick slices…

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