KMK: Boiling Crab

When I thought of Seoul Cajun Crab never crossed my mind. Seafood? Yes. Cajun? No way. Well, not anymore. Recently, some friends and I checked out one of the locations of Boiling Crab. This branch, plopped right on the edge of Itaewon, has a creaky old town feel. The place is small and bare bones, but that…

Sugar Daddy

KMK: Sugar Daddy

Sometimes, you know, a guy just wants to be pampered. Feet up, slouching in a comfy chair, face to face with a sweet pleasure so guilty that Fat Princess would take you down in a submission hold to devour it herself. Admittedly, that’s a dessert that’s near impossible to find in Seoul. I’m not talking about some bogus strumpet…


KMK: Food Delivery Apps

Seoul is a city of convenience. Many corner stores and coffee houses stay open twenty four hours a day. Movie theaters allow allow you choose your seats. You can even push the buttons in the elevator again to deselect a floor that was inadvertently pushed. So you can imagine that when it comes to eating…


KMK: Healing Hands

If you’re anything like me then sometimes all of the frustrations, weariness, and obstacles that come from living abroad eventually build up into numbness that has to be relieved. Or, maybe you’ve had a soreness or strain from the gym? Perhaps, it’s an ache from an old injury? Well, Thailand may be far away but…


KMK: Fukuoka E2 Visa Run

Hi, folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve been posting regularly. Suffice it to say, I’m back in the blogger saddle. The posts should start popping up with more regularity, so stay tuned! In the meantime time I wanted to update those not in the know about the dreaded visa run a some  of us have…

Homo Hill

KMK: Seoul A New Queer Mecca?

Seoul is a city teeming with millions of people. So many millions that I believed the gay population would be bursting at the seams. Years ago, as a freshly minted expat, I pictured a gay Asian mecca analogous to San Francisco. How naïve. Still, undaunted, I waded through the deceiving sea of straight guys in…


KMK: Amandier

Macaroons! It’s not that I’m a big fan of macaroons, its just that I love the way the word rolls off the tongue like some pastry battle cry. In the traditional souvenir swamped streets of Itaewon just across the street from Anguk Station you’ll find all the macaroons and other pastry delights at Amandier. The…

Hollywood's Bar & Grill

KMK: Hollywood’s Bar and Grill

Tuesdays nights at Hollywood Bar and Grill have never been friendlier to the starved and broke. Just pop in and you’ll find appetizers are all fifty percent off with a drink order. The types of appetizers include chili fries, nachos, potato skins, poutine, chicken tenders and chips, deep fried chili peppers, burritos, chicken wings, pepperoni…

Seoul City

KMK: Some Kind of Queer

Look, moving to a new place, let alone a new country, means facing a daunting set of hurdles. Saying good-bye to family, friends, and social networks tied intimately into your day to day life probably paralyzes most people. When leaving your home country those losses can seem even larger after realizing how steep the cultural…

paul sharkie

KMK: Interview – Paul Sharkie

Banking in Korea used to be a huge headache for newly arrived expats. More likely than not it involved conscripting a Korean coworker during lunch or perhaps after hours imposing upon their time and good will. Thankfully, things are changing. Today, some of Korea’s top banking institutions focus on servicing the ever growing expat community….

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