Project Monsoon Seoul

KMK: Project Monsoon Seoul

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting happenings going on in or around Seoul. Either through word of mouth or glimpsing something online I usually stumble upon great things. That’s exactly what happened recently when I asked several friends about any quirky or interesting spots they’d recommend me checking out. One turned…

Longboarding in Seoul

KMK: Longboarding in Seoul

Over the past few years longboarding has taken root and grown within Korea’s cultural consciousness. If you don’t know then picture a skateboard except, you guessed it, longer. It’s faster because of wheel size and makes for a great way to cruise stylishly downhill, slalom race or just effortless travel along your merry way. Longboarding…

House of Wings

KMK: House of Wings

Wings: The universally loved but oh so difficult to pull off dish. Deceptively easy and the list of restaurants who have tried and failed remains a long one. Just about a month ago I tried a wing night over on Gyeongridan at the Metro and while those wings looked so tasty and delicious on the…

shuttle delivery

KMK: Shuttle Delivery

Umbrellas be damned, sweating isn’t sexy, and let’s face facts… it’s just too too hot to cook. The Shuttle Delivery Rockets have taken off and the crew is driving through alleys, up hills, and through the tunnels to get delicious food, drinks, and desserts to the hungry masses in the torrential downpours and energy-evaporating heat….


KMK: Korean Girl Overwatch Killing Machine

Korean Girl Overwatch Killing Machine, yup that’s right. Overwatch, the latest first person shooter, strangles the competition here in Korea. Passion doesn’t begin to explain how much players invest into this brand new game from Blizzard. It’s not hard to see why. Breath taking graphics along with scintillating game mechanics and high paced action has…

10 Korean Alcoholic Drinks

KMK: 10 Korean Alcoholic Drinks

Summer spills into the coming days and weeks with hopefully months of hot sweltering goodness in store for everyone here in Korea. To that end there’s nothing like whiling way the day with a cold frothy drink or even one that’s not so frothy. Here are 10 Korean alcoholic drinks that will tantalize the tongue and…

Best Gay Bars in Itaewon

KMK: Best Gay Bars in Itaewon

What are the Best Gay Bars in Itaewon? You don’t know? Well, in the past I’ve written about the Gay scene in Seoul and while the scene remains small comparable to other cities of equal or even lesser size, there’s still a thriving gay culture that deserves a more thorough inspection. So, since its been…

Taste of Korea Poom Seoul

KMK: Taste of Korea Poom Seoul

Taste of Korea Poom Seoul Cooking along with the fresh ingredients of any traditional Korean meal is over 5,000 years of unique culinary history. Hansik (한식), meaning Korean food, is defined by the Korean Food Foundation as being three things: 1) healthy; 2) diverse in taste; and 3) culturally significant to a Korean tradition. With…

Korea Queer Festival 2016

KMK: Korea Queer Festival 2016

Korea Queer Festival 2016 2016 marks the 17th Annual Korea Queer Festival. The event runs from June 11th through June 19th, 2016. This y year’s slogan “Queer I am” sums up the out and proud sensibility of those putting on and attending the festivities. It’s a bold proclamation in the face of hate and bigotry…

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