KMK: Thanksgiving Korea 2015

It’s Thanksgiving time again and this year I’ve got a few options for you to think about for your Holiday meal. Although you have to think fast, because, due to a Turkey shortage (ZenKimchi) you may be dining on chicken or duck instead of your favorite Thanksgiving white meat. Sit Down, Put Your Feet Up…

Soon's Ultimo

KMK: Kim Dong Soon

Fall 2015’s Seoul Fashion Week featured Kim Dong Soon’s collection. Oxymoron and contrivance were the main guests of the runway, without discounting the styles’ roots from the posers who kept the front door of DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) warm. Respected for her high-end status, Kim delivered everything, except inspiration and originality. Her pieces were inspired…


KMK: Shilla Parkview Buffet

The Shilla Seoul : The Parkview Buffet ​Having only visited your standard buffets in Seoul, I had no idea what was in store for me when invited by Brian to dine at The Shilla Seoul’s premium buffet, The Parkview. I expected good quality, especially considering the price tag that comes on this buffet, and my…

KMK: K-pop Yello Festival

KMK: K-pop Yello Festival So, the Yello Go Asia Festival went down yesterday and my friend Ginny was on hand to record some video. So for all the K-pop lovers out there here’s the roll call: GDragon G-Dragon & Taeyang: Good Boy 김진희 Touch My Body 김진희: Crush on You Zion T: 양화대교 Dynamic duo 다이나믹 듀오: See Through,…


KMK: Hermitage

Hermitage Restaurant in Itaewon has undergone a facelift. The decor has been upgraded to a modern take on pre-1920s elegance (Downton Abbyesque) while the bar area seems very modern and of the moment. Surprisingly, the areas don’t clash. Most importantly, the menu has kept the tried and true faves like borscht, stuffed cabbage rolls, and…


KMK: Mi Cook Oppa

Looking for a quiet afternoon or a noisy night complete with good food, cold beer, and strong drinks….look no further than Mi Cook Oppa. You already know from the name that you are dealing with witty wordsmiths at the helm of the operation. So do what comes naturally and investigate. The owners are crafty both…


KMK: Ask Ajumma

Get Anything Deliver in Korea, Hassle Free Living in Korea is infinitely harder when you can’t speak the language. Ask Ajumma is a new virtual concierge service that provides the solution to help you get almost any product or service delivered, hassle free. Order food, household items, groceries, clothes, electronics to anywhere in Korea… best…

Love. Peace. Harmony.

KMK: Seoul Pride 2015

words by Tyler Dziubinski​ ​To say I was nervous for Pride this year was an absolute understatement. With the protesters doing everything to block events and demonize homosexuals and their allies, I was never sure what to expect. I was apprehensive and more than a bit nervous when I arrived at the plaza, but shortly…

KMK: Hello Talk

KMK: Hello Talk

3 Ways To Practice Korean Online  If you are learning Korea, you might search on the Internet for all kind of resources. You might feel it’s hard to find a Korean native speaker to practice Korean with if you’re living at a place with few Korean people. Here, I’d like to introduce three on-line resources…

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