Best Gay Bars in Itaewon

KMK: Best Gay Bars in Itaewon

What are the Best Gay Bars in Itaewon? You don’t know? Well, in the past I’ve written about the Gay scene in Seoul and while the scene remains small comparable to other cities of equal or even lesser size, there’s still a thriving gay culture that deserves a more thorough inspection. So, since its been…

Taste of Korea Poom Seoul

KMK: Taste of Korea Poom Seoul

Taste of Korea Poom Seoul Cooking along with the fresh ingredients of any traditional Korean meal is over 5,000 years of unique culinary history. Hansik (한식), meaning Korean food, is defined by the Korean Food Foundation as being three things: 1) healthy; 2) diverse in taste; and 3) culturally significant to a Korean tradition. With…

Korea Queer Festival 2016

KMK: Korea Queer Festival 2016

Korea Queer Festival 2016 2016 marks the 17th Annual Korea Queer Festival. The event runs from June 11th through June 19th, 2016. This y year’s slogan “Queer I am” sums up the out and proud sensibility of those putting on and attending the festivities. It’s a bold proclamation in the face of hate and bigotry…

Your Home Korea

KMK: Your Home Korea

Moving to a foreign land comes with all kinds of challenges. From differing cultural norms to language barriers finding your footing may seem like an impossible feat. That’s where Your Home Korea steps in. Their motto, “Make yourself at home in Korea” sums up everything they are about in six simple words. The company offers…

D.A.T. cookin' tho

KMK: Hongdae Trickeye Museum

As a person who enjoys experiencing all manner of travel and entertainment in Korea, late-spring and summer can be difficult times for me to gather the willpower to explore. My allergies to literally everything and aversion to sunburn keep me home-bound for a few months of the year. Heavy rains, yellow dust, and blistering heat…

Interview with Vanessica

KMK: Interview with Vanessica

Vanessica stomps the floors of Seoul’s lounges, night clubs, and bars like a honky-tonk road mama with smoky breath and whiskey lips. She’s one of the many Drag Queens in Seoul you and Rupaul Dragrace’s Kimchi ought to know about! So let’s dive into our Interview with Vanessica! For folks not familiar with your work…

Budae Jjigae

KMK: 10 Unusual Korean Dishes

There’s something about the strange and unusual people find alluring. Whether it’s walking off the well worn path to explore the wild unknown or gazing for hours at Dali’s Swans Reflecting Elephants the different can sometimes border on sublime and  draw people in like an alcoholic to a liquor store. KICK ASS KOREA reason 14…

IV Vitamin Drip Seoul

KMK: IV Vitamin Drip Seoul

About a month or so ago I endured a bought of ongoing coughing combined with enough non-stop flowing phlegm to cog the drains of a hi-rise hotel. I thought I could endure and tough it out, but eventually a friend suggested a possible solution: an iv vitamin drip. I’d heard of the drips becoming the…

Esarang Dentistry Seoul

KMK: Esarang Dentistry Seoul

When I’m in dental distress I race to Esarang Dentistry Seoul. Emergencies happen. It’s an undeniable fact. So, when they strike it’s good to have a plan in place. I’ve never liked going to the dentist. Back in Milwaukee my childhood dentist, Dr. Ridley, did all he could to put me at ease. His office over…

Comics in Korea

KMK: Comics in Korea

Comics. They’ve been a huge part of my life. I can remember first being introduced to them by my Uncle. Maybe I was seven or eight. He showed me a copy of an old X-men comic book; issue 143.  On the cover, Kitty Pryde  stood in her black and yellow X suit with a terrifying alien…

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