Bururu Life Adult Shop

KMK: Bururu Life Adult Shop

Out with the old, in with the new. That not only applies to the coming new year but also, apparently, sex shops. Gone is the old nondescript stark white storefront of the former no name adult shop in HBC. Now the Bururu Life Adult Shop, a gaudy neon lit porn bonanza with a full floor…

Namsan Chemistry

KMK: Namsan Chemistry

Namsan Chemistry should be on your radar. If you’ve been to the HBC/Gyeonridan area at all recently then you know full well that something of a renaissance currently grips the two neighborhoods. New shops, coffee houses, restaurants and yes, of course, bars seem to pop up every few weeks to try and muscle out a…

Thanksgiving Korea 2015

KMK: Thanksgiving Korea 2015

Thanksgiving Korea 2015, it’s time again and this year I’ve got a few options for you to think about for your Holiday meal. Although you have to think fast, because, due to a Turkey shortage (ZenKimchi) you may be dining on chicken or duck instead of your favorite Thanksgiving white meat. Sit Down, Put Your…

Kim Dong Soon

KMK: Kim Dong Soon

Fall 2015’s Seoul Fashion Week featured Kim Dong Soon and her collection. Oxymoron and contrivance were the main guests of the runway, without discounting the styles’ roots from the posers who kept the front door of DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) warm. Respected for her high-end status, Kim delivered everything, except inspiration and originality. Her pieces…

Korea's Mokbang Food Phenomenon

KMK: Korea’s Mokbang Food Phenomenon

Do you know what Korea’s Mokbang Food Phenomenon is? Well for starters it’s good to know that bang culture rules in South Korea. No, I’m not talking about the boy bopping super group Big Bang who dominate the airwaves, though they certainly deliver enough bang for all. No, I’m referring to Korea’s ubiquitous room culture. Looking to…

The Read

KMK: The Read

Have you ever just needed to hear about pop culture, politics, and sex in the form of a righteous, riveting rant? Then you need to listen to one of the most entertaining and informative podcasts, The Read. Every Thursday, Crissle and Kid Fury go off on the dick heads, douche bags, and all around a-holes…

Shilla Parkview Buffet

KMK: Shilla Parkview Buffet

The Shilla Seoul : The Parkview Buffet ​Having only visited your standard buffets in Seoul, I had no idea what was in store for me when invited by Brian to dine at The Shilla Seoul’s premium buffet, The Parkview. I expected good quality, especially considering the price tag that comes on this buffet, and my…

KMK: K-pop Yello Festival

KMK: K-pop Yello Festival

http://www.bigbangmusic.info/news/9449-photo-kang-chanyee-instagram-with-taeyang-and-g-dragon-2015-08-12 So, the K-pop Yello Festival went down yesterday and my friend Ginny was on hand to record some video. So for all the K-pop lovers out there here’s the roll call: GDragon G-Dragon & Taeyang: Good Boy 김진희 Touch My Body 김진희: Crush on You Zion T: 양화대교 Dynamic duo 다이나믹 듀오: See Through, Firework…

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