KMK: Survive The Sweltering Heat

Want To Get Away From The Sweltering Heat? Here’s How You Can Keep Cool In Seoul

There’s no place cooler than Seoul if you’re looking for the latest fashion, music, shopping and dining experiences. However, the city can be a literal hotbox, especially from July to August, and while September brings a cooler temperature, some parts of the city remain uncomfortably warm for locals and travelers alike. Fortunately, there are lots of things that one can do to beat the heat in the city, and most of these activities don’t cost a lot. Here’s how you can keep cool and comfy to enjoy your stay in Seoul.

Go on a hocance

Staying home when it’s scorching hot outside is one of the most practical ways to keep cool in Seoul. If you plan on hibernating for several days, ensure that your aircon unit is in optimum condition to cut down on electricity costs. Have it checked by a professional if you think that it’s not working properly – it may need some Freon or a thorough cleaning to efficiently cool your room. To save energy, switch off your aircon every three hours, and use an electric fan for at least an hour to give your unit a break. If you want an upgraded staycation experience, however, you may want to go on a hocance, which means a vacation in a hotel. Not only will you enjoy staying in comfortable accommodations, but you can also use the various amenities, such as luxury pools and spas, in places like the Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul. It’s ideal for parents as they can take advantage of in-house childcare facilities while they get a soothing massage. Meanwhile, young adults can enjoy a poolside party at hotels such as the Nest Hotel and Seoul Dragon City.

Eat twist ice cream in Myeongdong

What’s more refreshing than a drink of icy cold water on a hot day? A tall twist of soft serve ice cream! Head to Myeongdong and get a 32cm twist ice cream for a cooling – and cheap – treat. People line up to get their hands on this Instagram-worthy ice cream, so be patient. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your cone before taking a bite. 

Indulge in a bowl of bingsu

Bingsu is another icy treat that you should try if you want to seek relief from the heat and humidity of the city. It’s a popular Korean treat made from shaved ice, sweetened red beans, fruit, glutinous rice cakes and condensed milk, and it’s a hit with kids and adults alike. For the best bingsu in Seoul, check out Sulbing, The Library at Shilla Hotel, and Dongbinggo.

Go where it’s icy 24/7

Some places in the city feature snow and ice throughout the year, so head to the Ice Museum in the Trick Eye Museum or the One Mount Snow Park in Seoul. The Ice Museum features ice sculptures, and it even has a 10-meter slide made of real ice. Meanwhile, the Snow Park features attractions such as the Santa Village and Snow Hill, and you can also go on a dog sled ride there – it’s an activity that you shouldn’t miss if you plan on going.

Try these fun activities to keep your cool while in Seoul. You’re sure to have a refreshing experience that you’ll enjoy, even during the hottest days in the city.

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