There’s no shortage of Thai food places in Seoul. In Itaewon alone there’s easily half a dozen. Lately, I’ve had my Pad Thai cravings cured by A Taste of Thailand -  Sukhumvit. It’s the new spot that took the place of Sydney Seafood and it’s most welcome.

When it comes to Thai food Taste of Thailand has a few things going for it. First, the menu is extensive. They have a range of appetizers from fried tofu to tod man goong (shrimp cakes). A sample of soups include Tom yum Goong (hot and sour spicy shrimp), Tom Kah Gai (Chicken with lemongrass, lime leaves, chili and onions). Of course there’s also the thai noodle, stir fry, and curry and fried rice dishes.

I started with the fresh spring rolls. Stuffed with veggies, minced chicken, and slathered in a spicy chili sauce they are absolutely delicious but a bit pricey as well. I followed it up with the pad thai with tofu though you could opt for chicken, prawn, pork, veggie, or seafood. I ordered it with a three spiciness (their scale goes from 1 to 5) and it came with a sharp tang that definitely satisfied.

I have to say that Taste of Thailand has become my favorite Thai restaurant. And it helps that it’s so close to my house!

The Good:

Delicious Thai food that tastes just like the dishes served up by the country it’s named after

The Bad:

I love my spring rolls, especially fresh, but 8,000 KRW is a bit steep.

The Weird:

If you pay in cash you get a 20% discount which is not so much weird as very good.


Under 25,000 KRW




02- 790- 2722


671 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu,




Noksapyeong Stn exit 2. walk straight and take the underpass to the other side of the street and the left exit. Cross the street and it will be above Noxa.