KMK: My Seoul is Hangang Park

Moving to a foreign country can be daunting. Leaving your old life behind and stepping into the unknown is no small feat. Thankfully a new city brings new experiences. My Seoul is…? is a question that can be answered in many different ways by many different people. Whether it’s unexpected surprises, small comforts, hidden gems, or silly moments here are a few that remind us that Seoul can be what you make of it.

My Seoul is Hangang Park. It’s huge, covering 12 districts that stretch alongside the Han. I’ve a handful of cherished memories made in Hangang Park. The park offers countless opportunities to relax or play either on your own or with friends.

I enjoy just laying in the grass under the sun with a cool drink and a good book loaded up on my kindle. If whatever i’m reading starts to bore there’s always people watching. The cast of characters that show up at the park puts any reality TV show to shame. Renting a bike and zipping along the paths lost in thought while the city whizzes by makes for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Even better are the times when I’m with friends. Whether we’re checking out the cherry blossoms, throwing together a picnic with homemade food, card games and music, enjoying an evening river cruise, breaking out the badminton, or just shooting hoops it’s a time when I remember home is where you make it.

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