Bonny’s Pizza just opened up in the HBC neighborhood. A place that’s not a burger joint has been long overdue. Sure, you’d think pizza already covered by Al Matto up the street or the always reliable though uninspiring Pizza School, but if I thought there would always be room for more pizza.

Which makes it sad to say that the pizza at Bonny isn’t really bonny at all. So many things were wrong with my pie. The cheese wasn’t very fresh, the crust was doughy, and the sauce had no flavor at all. There should be some flavor to a pizza. usually I’m a fan of thin crust, but I’m willing to go deep dish if its done right. Uno’s Chicago Pizza does it right. Bonny doesn’t measure up well.

They do have some things going for it. The pepperonis were yummy. I also think the prices are spot on. The prices range from 8,000 to 16,000 KRW with a drinking, regular, or party size pizza. The drinking size made for a persona to gulp down. The other thing Bonny Pizza Pub gets right is the self service. Grab your own drinks and they will tally up your bottles at the end.

The Good: Self Service Drinks

The Bad: The Pizza

The Weird: I don’t know. Drinking pizza sounds kind of weird, right? Prices: 8,000 to 16,000 KRW


Phone: 70-7774-4168

Address: YoungSan-Dong 2 Ga, Youngsan-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 140-842

Website: None


From Noksapyeong exit 2 walk straight. When the road splits go left, following the kimchi pots. Keep walking straight. You’ll come to Bonny’s on your left kitty corner to Indigos.