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KMK: Kpop Lyrics App

So, you love K-pop likes it’s the only music your ears can handle without bursting, but you have the Korean language ability of a bowl of Kimchi? Well, there’s hope for you and it comes like all hope nowadays in the form of a smart phone app. Yes, folks, the K-pop you love so dearly can have the lyrics delivered to you in English just by using the K-pop Lyric app. You’ll be singing along to Wonder Girls, Boa, 2NE1, Big Bang, Beast and a ton of other K-pop acts after you download and install this app.

K-Pop Lyrics

PS: In full disclosure by blogging about Kpop Lyrics I am entering their contest.


I’m a blogger, writer, and teacher. I’ve been working in South Korea’s ESL field for the last three years. My one year contract has unexpectedly turned into a journey that I’m still on and loving.

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