KMK: Updated E-2 Visa CBC

If you’re like me and have already completed the E-2 visa criminal background check you probably think  you’e all set and sitting pretty. Unfortunately, if you’re in a similar situation as me then you’d be wrong. You see I am currently seeking another position and my potential new employer doesn’t want a copy of the CBC that Korean immigration has on file for me. No, they want an original of their very own. So that means I have do the process all over again. However, I soon learned that some things have changed a bit since I last wrote about getting my Criminal Background Check.

So, I thought I’d go over the process with you again as I do it all over! Basically, it’s one stop shopping at the FBI website, if you’re an American, to get the paperwork you need. Once again it takes on average about three months for them to get the CBC back to you and even then you’re not done because you need an Apostille from the US State Department (but we’ll get to that later). Right now just remember to start early!

1. Submit an Identification Record Request to the FBI.

2. Fill out the Applicant Information Form.

3. Print out 4 copies of the Standard Fingerprint Form. (You’ll take these to a Korean Police Station with a CSI division.)

5. Print out a Sample Card. The FBI has strict guidelines on the legibility of the prints. So bring in this sample just to cover your bases. Fill in the necessary boxes, leaving the others blank for the officials. I found this sample at NYSED.

6. Print out the FBI Credit Card Payment form.

7. Write a brief cover letter that includes all your contact information and request an Official FBI Seal with the signature of the designated officer, explaining that you are sending the CBC off to the State Department for an Apostille for your South Korean E-2 visa.

8. Complete all your forms and head over to a Korean Police Station with a CSI division. Last time I went to the USO and i needed my passport and Korean ARC, but they no longer offer this service so I’ll refer you to Foreigner Joy who has compiled a list of places to go. You should still take your ID though because they may want to be sure you are who you say you are.

Following Joy’s example I went to the Seocho Police Station since it’s only down the street from my work place. Check out Joy’s post for a more detailed account of the actual fingerprinting experience.

9. Mail everything ( Fingerprint copies, credit card payment form, application form, cover letter) to:

FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306


Finally, when your CBC comes back I’ll update on how to submit it to the US State Department for the Apostille. Stay tuned, True Believers!


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