KMK: Thanksgiving 2012 Take it Home!

Need some last minute options for Thanksgiving in Seoul? Well there are lots of places with sit down dinners and buffets going on so I thought I’d mention a few spots where you can order by phone or online to get what you need for your own Thanksgiving in Seoul to take home!

Dragonhill lodge deli

02 790-0016 ext 6716

pick up at gate one or thirteen
High Street Market Holiday Feast
his season High Street Market can deliver a little bit of home to your doorstep! From now until New Year’s Eve, you can order whole turkeys and seasonally prepared meals. Cooked item orders cut off for American Thanksgiving is November 16th and will be available for pick up or quick service delivery (Yonsan-gu only) November 21-22. For all other times please give us 3 days notice for cooked item orders.
Call 02-2201-0652 
5-6kg Frozen Turkeys – 65,000₩
Standard Taekbae Delivery
Cooked 14lb Turkey Only – 100,000₩
Cooked 14lb Turkey with Stuffing – 115,000₩
Cooked 8lb Bone-In Ham Only – 100,000
Full Turkey Dinner – 185,000₩
Includes 14lb cooked turkey, mashed potatoes (4lbs), gravy (2lbs), mixed veg (2lbs), a dozen rolls, 1 pumpkin pie, bread dressing (4 lbs) and cranberry sauce (1 lb).
Full Ham Dinner – 185,000₩
Includes bone-in ham (8lbs), Mashed potatoes (4lbs), Gravy (2 lbs), mixed veg (2 lbs), a dozen rolls and a pumpkin pie.
Pick up at High Street Market or quick service delivery is available for cooked items in the Yongsan area for an additional 10,000₩(taekbae delivery is not available for cooked orders). Please note that cooked items will be refrigerated before pick-up/delivery and can be warmed upon request.

They have everything but the BIRD!
 You can also try EZ Shop Korea for items.

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