Phillies has been one of the mainstays of HBC since I can remember first coming to the area. Though I’ve only been a handfull of times it’s a spot where both Koreans and Expats meet, greet, eat and drink excessively and often. For me it’s a spot to catch up with friends and grab a quick bite. Though I must admit that the only thing I order off the menu are the burgers and the wings.

I’m not sure why that is. The other items on the menu seem tempting enough, but their bacon cheeseburger just flat out does it for me. It’s deceptively simple without all the bells and whistles that other places (Jacoby’s) layers on. Do you really need half a head of lettuce and a salad bar on your burger? I don’t. And I guess the folks at Phillies agree. The patty is seasoned, and along with a slice of crispy bacon, a slice sharp cheddar on one bun with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles on the other makes for a fine burger. The buns are even toasted. There’s an option for either fries or a salad as well.

The wings are the other star attraction at Phillies. Every Thursday you can find every table packed with people ready to grub down on some of the most delicious wings Seoul has to offer. You can even have a couple varieties of curry doused wings. The wings also can even come complete with veggies, blue cheese, and even dill.

You won’t regret a stop by and if you do. Fill me in on how you like the other menu items like pierogi. My eating habits tend to focus on one or two items at a restaurant and I’m loathe to stray from my favorites.

The Good:

The Burgers and Wings!

The Bad:

The fight for a table on wing night can get down right vicious.

The Weird:

There’s a Phillies Den in the basement. There’s also an occasional comedy night and weekly quiz night on Thursdays.


For food and drinks expect to your tab to hover around 5,000 to 20,000 per person.


6:00pm – 2:00 AM




44-17 Yongsan-dong, 2 ga, Seoul, South Korea 140-842




From exit two of noksapyeong station walk straight with the army base on your left veer to the left and follow the kimchi pots when the road splits. Phillies will be on your left.