KMK: Lunar New Year’s Birthday

Lunar New Years’ come and go but this time, this year, things were special for me because the big day coincided with my own birthday! So, I’d always wanted to see the sunrise on Lunar New Year’s and somehow something always intervened to stop me. This year I wasn’t having it. I was determined to make my Lunar New Year’s Birthday happen.

With my friends in tow and a bottle of alcohol we made our way to towards Namsan in the wee hours of the dark morning. We started off my taxi, which couldn’t take us up Namsan due to all of overlooking the fact we needed a passport. So we instead waited for the bus which never came. Fearing we’d miss the first ray of sunshine we instead took to the steps, trudging our way up towards the top, while a bus slowly passed by below.

If you remember this past January then you know how bitter cold it was. We forged ahead and managed to make it to one of the platforms on the mountainside to welcome the dawn and my birthday. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for braving the frigid temperatures and the hike at such an ungodly hour, but in the end I think it was worth it!

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