KMK: KPOP Profile – Kim Tae Woo

Kpop opens whole new musical dimensions for SOKO newcomers. Syncing your brain in tune to all the different boy bands, girl groups, solo stars and starlets in the KPop universe makes for a mind blowing task that keeps most peeps never listening to much less loving KPOP.

That ends now! As a KPOP junkie it’s my duty to ensure you enjoy this musical junk food I love so much. I’m gonna blast you the 411 on the latest and greatest KPOP acts so you too can feast on this sonic cotton candy.

He may not be as big a name in Kpop as She Dragon and Top but Kim Tae Woo brings the swexy like no other Kpop boy probably because he’s most definitely all man. If you couldn’t tell just check out the facial hair. I haven’t seen this much hair on the usual baby faced K pop sensations, ever!

I like.

Kim Tae Woo originally debuted back in 2000 with the group g.0.d (groove over does). They sold over a million albums together, focusing on dance and r and b tracks. It wasn’t until 2006 they he ventured out on his own with the album Solo Special. His latest effort after his three year military service as the the album T-virus back in 2009.

Notoriety: Asia 2 points

Skilzz: Single Wattage 1 point

Golden Touch: Taste Maker his star has fallen somewhat. 1 point

Princess KPOP’s Plus One: 1


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