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Bao in Itaewon is  a welcome addition to the ever growing restaurant scene in the HBC/Gyeonidan scene. If you haven’t spotted this hidden treasure then make your way over to Gyeonidan. It’s just across the street from Lazy Sue and next door to Noxa.

First you can choose the Bao basic and decide between noodles or rice. If you do go with the noodle then you can pick between egg noodles, wheat noodles, thin rice noodles or wide rice noodles. A rice based dish comes either with brown or white rice.

No matter the choice you also get a ton of vegetables like brocoli, carrots, brown and green onions, garlic, ginger, bean sprouts, and mushrooms as well egg. Next up is picking your sauce. The five distinct flavors of sauce include Chinese, Thai, Singapore, Malay, and Korean.  I chose the pea-nutty spiciness of the Malay and didn’t regret it for an instant.

Finally you can add extras to your dish like tofu, chicken, squid, pork, prawns, or beef. If meat just doesn’t sound appealing then add lime, coriander, lemongrass, cashews, or basil.  There is a charge for the extra additions to the dish depending on how many you choose to add.

Bao is perfect for a date. It’s got ample amounts of ambiance. The dim lighting and warm colors make for an intimate experience any guy or gal would appreciate. The few tables also means you won’t feel overcrowded or overwhelmed by other patrons. It’s like a quiet peaceful nook mostly filled with locals out for a relaxed evening.



7,000 KRW for regular, 9,000 KRW for large plates

Extras 500 KRW to 4,000 KRW regular or 500 to 6,000 for large

Drinks 4,000 to 9,000 for teas, coffees, beer and wine


MWTFS: 12 to 11PM Sun: 2 to 11PM Tues: Closed




658 Itaewon-2-dong
Seoul, South Korea


Bao on facebook


[email protected]


From Exit 2 of Noksapyeong station walk straight until the underground passage. Go under and come up the other side. It will be across from Lazy Sue and next door to Noxa.

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