KMK: Hongdae Graffiti

On a recent trip to Hongdae I brought along my camera and decided to shoot the graffiti. I’d always noticed the graffiti in Hongdae. I can’t remember really spotting any everywhere else. Maybe a name tagged discreetly somewhere, but nothing as outlandish as what’s found in Hongdae.

I have to say that often I couldn’t determine whether it was true graffiti or something a business decided to put up for advertising. Perhaps some them are are combination?

Graffiti art

raw graffiti

Some of the work really did get gritty and extreme. Is it still graffiti if it has a message?


The Good:

It’s fun just to walk around and try to spot the hidden patches of graffiti art.

The Bad:

Some of it really just involved someone spray paining their name ever so plainly. Maybe that’s a statement in itself?

The Weird:

Suicidal graffiti art? Yup, it’s there.

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