KMK: Bar Bliss Impersonation Show

Bar Bliss, a swanky wine bar located in Itaewon, held its first ever impersonation show last Saturday. The bar has been known for its zany Friday night Drag bingo and its latest venture proved to be just as much fun. The rules were pretty simple: sign up with two prepared songs that you could either sing with your god given talent or fake it with some well honed lip syncing. Props, whacky costumes, and choreography were encouraged. A panel of judges which included local comedian Brian Aylward, sat in judgment.

Due to mixed messages the starting time for the event ranged from 5 pm all the way to 10pm. Some last minute finalizations zeroed the start time down to Ten-ish. The technical glitches and artistic temperaments soon smoothed out and the show began. Six contestants entered, but after a first round cut and final showdown only one would remain.

The competition was fierce. Contestant number one took to the stage with a shaky gait that I assumed was the result of one too many during Happy Hour. He shook. He shimmied. He almost fell a few times, but he carried off his musical number with without a mishap. He scored points for actually singing live. The next performer delivered a high kicking rendition of all that jazz. She had the outfit. She had the steps. She worked the crowd like a flapper swinging on moonshine and whisky. Next a coy performance of Good to be Bad sung acapella proved to be cute but not big enough to wow the crowd. Contestant number four whipped out the momma of all show tunes with a lip sync of I am Telling You I’m not Going that started off a little tame but picked up steam when she tossed off her wig diva style. Still, the crowd awaited someone to drive them wild. That’s when the show stopper arrived as a curvy Marilyn Monroe stepped on the stage to profess her undying affection for diamonds and earn the love of the crowd. Done up in pink satin and lace with shiny jewels and a crown of blonde hair this Marilyn worked the crowd as if she were channeling her namesake.

The final round, as you can probably guess, featured an unstoppable Marilyn. She topped herself with a saucy performance of Big Spender that sealed her victory. The Impersonation show definitely was a hit despite constant stops and starts and endless interruptions. Once the powers that be at Bar Bliss tighten things up this could very well be a popular annual event sure to please the crowd and keep the liquor flowing. With a total purse amounting to W1,000,000 its sure to draw in even bigger crowds as the word gets out.


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