KMK: Korean Queer Culture Festival 2009

June all across the globe means one thing: Gay Pride! Seoul is no exception and although the festivities were delayed because for the national mourning of former president Roh, the spirits of those in attendance still soared. The event his put together by the folks at the Korean Queer Culture organization.
You might think that a city of 14 million would be put on a bonanza of gay pride that would put NYC to shame. Sadly, gay visibility in Seoul is so nonexistent that it’s beyond down low and more like no go. To the average Korea gays simply don’t exist so why would they need a parade? To learn more about Gay life in Seoul check out this story from ABC about openly gay Korean actor Chuk Sun Hong. He was even on stage at the festival.
For the few brave Koreans who do come out loud and proud the parade and festival proves to be a highlight of affirmation and a circle of accpetance and nonjudgement. Even the people who are firmly in the closet come in support with a strategically placed no photo stickers. This is why there are so few snap shots. Sorry about that.
My friend Dorothy and and I met up on Saturday and hit the party hard. Too bad we were about a couple hours too early. Oh well, we made the best of things at Berlin Square and enjoyed hte merriment.
Several information booths were on hand as well as stations for face painting. Like any gay festival lipsyncing was a requisite and boys hit the stage strutting their stuff to the lastest K-pop songs much to the delight of the crowd.

So if you missed out this year don’t worry there’s always Gay Pride 2010. Bring your family and friends!


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