KMK: Democrats Abroad

This weekend in Itaewon I noticed a couple of ladies sitting in front of Starbucks with a little table. They were signing up Americans to receive their absentee ballot. These gals from Democrats Abroad will diligently stay out there every Saturday and Sunday from now till November to get as many potential voters signed up as they can.

Democrats Abroad:
Americans living abroad number in the millions. With today’s elections being decided by microscopic margins, the overseas vote has never been more important. All Americans abroad retain the right to vote in U.S. Federal elections no matter where they live in the world, how long they have been overseas, or when and where they last voted.
Democrats Abroad is an official branch of the U.S. Democratic Party, with members in more than 100 countries around the globe. Democrats Abroad is recognized as a “state” by the Democratic National Committee and sends a voting delegation to the DNC. For more info go to
So next time you’re in front of Starbucks in Iteaewon sipping on that Mocha Frappacino make sure you stop by and see Democrats Abroad and get that absentee ballot!


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