KMK: Beijing Getting There

As you know for Chuseok I went on a mini-vacation to Beijing with my friends Samarra and Ryan.

At first we planned on going with a tour group, but there was a snag with getting all the spots we needed. This turned out to be a boon because we feared that a tour group would be some tiresome ordeal of shuffling us to and fro touristy spots without getting a chance to really see anything.

With the tour group option off the table we scrambled to get tickets. Finding cheap seats during Chuseok proved to be a Herculean task to great for us, so we had to settle for Business class seats. At first I chaffed at the thought of spending 700 dollars for essentially a 300 hundred dollar trip, but then after arriving at Incheon airpot and bypassing the madness of the coach passenger que, we were sent off to wait for our departure in THE LOUNGE.

Capitals added for emphasis, because frankly, I fly coach. Always have and probably, dispite this trip, always will in the future. I mean, why pay so much more to go to the exact same place and reach it at the exact same time. Sure, I’ve seen the big cushy first class seats, usually just before a stewardess snatches the drapes down to prevent any prying coach eyes from disturbing the first class flyers, but I scoffed at them as an unneccessary extravagance.

Well, after leaving the hustle and bustle of Incheon airport, flashing our business class vouchers, and stepping into the cozy ambience of THE LOUNGE, I say bring the creature comforts on.

Warm earth tones combined with creams and whites give the place a welcoming feel as if you’re stepping into some fairy tale grandma’s old country cottage. Of course this cottage has a huge window that covers the wall with a view of jets landing and taking off to parts unknown.

Business men and women clacked away on their laptop computers. Lounge hostesses fluttered around dispensing drinks along with plesantries and bright smiles. The array of pastries offered could rival any bakery and the selection of coffees, sodas, juices, and liquors made deciding on a drink a tough choice. So, I had one of each because in THE LOUNGE it’s all free and waiting there especially for you. Nice, huh?

Going back to coach after such an experience will be a tough one to swallow, so I’m glad I thoroughly indulged in my lounge experience.

Samarra gives us her best lounge pose that says, “I belong here, do you?”

Heed the extended pinky and dual cell phone handling that denotes a true Lounge dweller.

Sadly, we only experienced THE LOUNGE for an hour before we had to board our flight to Beijing. If the experience we just had was to be an indication of our trip then we were definitely headed for a grand ole time curtesy of Air China.
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